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Informative Essay Samples

Survey Art

Introduction There are compelling similarities and differences between the famous French artists and painters Eduardo Manet and Edgar Degas. It is important to observe that the two artists lived within the same period in history that was characteristic of massive transformation on the issues concerning drawing and painting. Both of them acknowledge the fact that...

Balkan Food in the United States

Introduction Balkan food in the United States shows best food traditions of people who emigrated from Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, and Montenegro. It brought its own food traditions, dishes, and became the reason for the establishment of national cuisine restaurants. The United States like Balkan cuisine...

Muslim Brotherhood

Introduction The political process that is currently taking place all over the Arab region can be characterized from various points of view. A wide range of investigators has already concluded that Muslim mentality has already achieved its peak, and it manifests in a number of movements which bear purely military character. One of such movements...

Smoking Prevention

Introduction Smoking is a bad habit that steals time, health, and energy. Despite the fashion for a healthy lifestyle, there is still a substantial number of heavy smokers in the world. These people claim that they have tried to quit smoking many times, but it proved to be impossible. However, modern research and positive experience...

Application Essay Sample #2

International financial environment is changing rapidly. It constantly requires an inflow of new talented minds. I am one of the most successful international students at Mays Business School by Texas A&M University and aim to become a recognized professional accountant in the future. For more than three years, my studies’ focus has been on accounting...

Application Essay Sample

I will never forget the day when I was making a journal entry. Thoughts were pulsing in my head and my heart was beating furiously as I was staring at the image of Matthew Johnson’s lifeless body. I knew that it would leave an indelible mark in my life. This happened on July 14, when...


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