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Review Essay Samples

Songs Review

“Round Midnight” “Round Midnight” is a jazz composition played on piano which is the only instrument played in the piece. It is performed in the

Article Review Paper

The article Get the Facts Right! Learn More about Tobacco Products posted on the Singapore Government website tells the readers about the dangers of smoking.

Literature Review: School Leadership

In this chapter the literature for the research on the role of school leadership in the process of formation of future leaders is reviewed. The

Cohabitation: Divorce versus Marriage

Nowadays the problem of marriage and divorce is an issue of the day in the United States. Having studied the institution of marriage, American sociologists

Diabetes and Vitamin D Deficiency Relationship

Diabetes mellitus is a complex systematic disease caused by a profound or relative incompetence of pancreatic hormone, resulting in a carbohydrate metabolism, developed by an

Defusing the Exploding Offer: The Farpoint Gambit

An exploding offer refers to a business deal offer or employment one, which expires if the recipient of the offer does not accept it quickly.

Wal-Mart’s Strategy Article Review

Wal-Mart is internationally known because of its main goal to provide goods that will be affordable for everyone. It increases annually the amount of stores

Crisis Management for Event Tourism

Introduction Crisis management for event tourism is a very important issue nowadays. In this article review, the two articles are analyzed. The articles under analysis

After Mobile Phones, What?

Introduction The article “After Mobile Phones, What? Re-embedding the Social in China’s “Digital Revolution”” was written by Yuezhi Zhao. The article was published in 2007

Management Concepts and Applications

Article Review Summary The diversity of articles covering the topic of management includes a variety of those, taking into account motivation as an engine of

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