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Defusing the Exploding Offer: The Farpoint Gambit

An exploding offer refers to a business deal offer or employment one, which expires if the recipient of the offer does not accept it quickly. Therefore, the offeror of the deal uses short deadlines to coerce recipient into accepting the offer before considering alternatives. The Characteristics of Exploding Power Asymmetry. Usually, the parties to the...

Wal-Mart’s Strategy Article Review

Wal-Mart is internationally known because of its main goal to provide goods that will be affordable for everyone. It increases annually the amount of stores built out of the USA, but stays as a leader inside the country too. Its supply chain strategy has helped to attract more customers because of the high quality and...

Crisis Management for Event Tourism

Introduction Crisis management for event tourism is a very important issue nowadays. In this article review, the two articles are analyzed. The articles under analysis are “Crisis Management for Event Tourism” by Sevil Sonmez, Sheila Backman, and Lawrence Allen, and “Tourism in Post-Crisis is Tourism in Pre-Crisis: A Review of the Literature on Crisis Management...

After Mobile Phones, What?

Introduction The article “After Mobile Phones, What? Re-embedding the Social in China’s “Digital Revolution”” was written by Yuezhi Zhao. The article was published in 2007 in the International Communication Journal. The article explores the internal sense of the apparently contradictory Chinese development through re-embedding the scrutiny of access to as well as control of the...

Management Concepts and Applications

Article Review Summary The diversity of articles covering the topic of management includes a variety of those, taking into account motivation as an engine of the company’s performance. Quratul-Ain Manzoor is an author of the article “Impact of Employees Motivation on Organizational Effectiveness”, published in Business Management and Strategy journal in 2012. In the article,...

Professional Etiquette and Civility in the Workplace

Introduction Civility is associated with the conduct that involves responsibility, mutual respect and patience in the human environment. However, very frequently people in their work places focus on their activities and forget about the professional etiquette and civility. This problem is particularly common in the companies involved with services. According to a survey of KRC...


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