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Progressive Delivery

A progressive or gradual delivery is an additional service that serves to help our clients to deal with extensive (20+ double-spaced or 10+ single-spaced pages) and complex assignments. Here is what a customer gets after paying only +15% of the order price:

  1. A possibility to see the paper before deadline expiration thanks to draft(s) sent throughout the writing process.
  2. A guarantee of free revisions over the period of 30 days instead of the regular 2 days. 
  3. A chance to have a personal manager who will be responsible for quick, effective, and fruitful communication between the customer and a writer and monitoring of the paper all the way through. 
  4. A benefit of having a top writer and a top editor working on the paper. 

Drafts will be delivered not chaotically but rather according to the established schedule: 

  1. If urgency of the order is 4 or fewer days, when the deadline reaches its 50% point, a customer gets 1 draft that contains 25% of the text. Thus, for instance, if a customer orders 32 pages and chooses the urgency of 4 days, he/she gets access to a draft of 8 pages in 2 days. 
  2. If urgency of the order is from 5 to 11 days, when the deadline reaches its 25% and 50% points, a customer gets 2 drafts that respectively contain 25% and 50% of the text.
  3. If urgency of the order is 12 or more days, when the deadline reaches its 25%, 50% and 75% points, a customer gets 3 drafts that respectively contain 25%, 50%, and 75% of the text. 
  4. If the customer finds such a schedule inconvenient or unsuitable for his/her specific needs, he/she may discuss the changes with a personal manager. There is a possibility to make adjustments and devise an individualized plan based on the provided details and preferences.

Extended Revision

This service is necessary for those who would like to have a possibility to ask for numerous revisions of a paper. It increases the free revision period from basic 48 hours to 14 days. 

Draft of the Paper

This service is necessary for those who would like to see the text before receiving the final version. It allows to have a look at a 1-page draft (either 300 or 600 words depending on the spacing selected) when 50% of the set deadline expires. Thus, for example, if a client chooses the urgency of 5 days, in 2 days and 12 hours, he/she will get the requested draft. 

Summary of the Paper

This service is necessary for those who might need to present the research in class. It allows having all the most important points of the paper gathered in one place and articulated briefly, i.e., in 300 words.

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