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Up to the present days, our clients have been impressed with our level of competence and professionalism because since our establishment, we have implemented successful actions to be the most reputable online writing company.

How We Choose Our Essay Writers?

If an applicant wants to join our team of writers, he/she is exposed to a registration process, as well as other writing tests, to evaluate the level of their competence. At first, we evaluate the applicant’s fluency in English – every applicant has to pass a 4-hour test that is based on the Oxford University test materials. Furthermore, applicants also have to reflect their knowledge about referencing styles, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. The last step is writing a custom essay paper on a given topic, which is then checked and assessed by our Quality Control Department.

How Do We Check the Writers’ Work?

We check every order in terms of language standards, grammar, stylistics and coherence of the text itself. This presumes the fact that we do not only evaluate the writer’s fluency in English, but also the understanding of the disciplines in which he/she writes custom essays.

Do We Encourage Writers to Reach Higher Goals?

Undoubtedly, every writer should be somehow encouraged and motivated to work harder and more efficient when providing help with essay or other assignments. Thus, we have introduced a special department called Quality Control. They check random writers’ orders twice per month. They take two writer’s orders and check them according to certain criteria to make sure that the custom writing essay corresponds to the client’s instructions.

Who Are Our Writers?

We employ writers who work on a freelance basis from many countries, such as the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Kenya, etc. Every writer who works for us should reflect perfect writing skills and knowledge in many subjects so that every custom writing essay they need to write will be of high quality and writing standards. If you want to buy the best essay and want only English writer to accomplish your writing task, then you can choose such an option when you make an online order.

How Do Writers Take Orders?

If you have already placed an online order, then our managers will try to find the best writer for your order. We always develop search methods when we want to find the most appropriate writer for an order. We always take into consideration such elements as the writer’s writing skills and field of study, as well as the scope of experience on the writing market. Therefore, we always ensure that the writer is not working on other projects and can completely dedicate all his/her strengths to accomplishing your custom essay in the best way.

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