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Global Health Essay Position

Abstract Evidence-based medicine is the practice of making and using evidence-based results of medical research. EBM practitioners need to know, because it answers the question of how to use the information, publications and recommendations of how to trust. Modern requirements for the preparation and analysis of biomedical data is particularly necessary to know the doctor-researcher...

Opinion Polls and Political Advertising in the 2012 Presidential Election Campaign

Introduction The recent presidential elections in the United States took place on November 6, 2012. Its main result was the confident victory of the incumbent President Barack Obama. The campaign was the subject of detailed research of political and cultural scientists, historians and sociologists. It remained an actual topic and no one experienced any lack...

Drama “The Lord of the Rings”

“The Lord of the Rings” is a movie sequence consisting of three heroic quest movies. It is well thought-out to be one of the biggest movie projects ever undertaken. While the movie follows the book’s general plots, the director does exclude a number of the book’s plot elements and incorporate some add-ons and variations from...

Social Issue Research Essay

With the growing speed of information technologies revolution, the issue of technologies and their impacts on social inequality is becoming much more urgent. Most economists agree that the United States is facing the growth in wage inequality (Steelman & Weinberg, 2005). According to Steelman and Weinberg (2005), “average and median wages have changed little since...

Economic Globalization and the “Contraction” of Time and Space

Introduction Economic Globalization is interplay between regional integration and the interchange of the cultural views and products between nations. This implies that in the consideration of globalization and contraction of time and space, old characteristics are eroded at the expense of universalization of new characteristics in a local setup. For instance, advancement in the Information...

What Affects Human Brain

Some people believe that diet is the only factor that affects brain activity. To some extent it is true that food is the most important thing for keeping any organism alive and fit. Moreover, one’s nutrition is rather helpful for boosting mental activity. On the other hand, even the most well-balanced diet is not enough...


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