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Writing a Case Study: Challenge Accepted

The majority of students do not know the effective strategies of writing a case study because they can hardly provide a comprehensive answer to the question, ‘What is a case study paper?’ That is why some of the best experts of academic writing have created a list of helpful definitions that will broaden your understanding of this paper format, and so it will be easier for you to approach this task the next time:

  • A case study uses a methodology that is the same as in other fields of study.
  • A case study is based on an empirical inquiry and research strategy that aim at exploring a specific phenomenon or idea that exists in real life.
  • A case study paper is a result of a careful investigation of a single topic (concept, event, person, etc.), the purpose of which is to describe its basic principles and defining features.
  • The goal of a research study is to carry out a descriptive or exploratory analysis of a person, concept, phenomenon, and so on.
  • A case study can be comprised of a study or a group of studies, quantitative evidence, be supported by data from scholarly sources, and draw on evidence from previous research as well as theoretical frameworks.
  • A case study aims at investigating a certain phenomenon by means of one or a combination of different methods.

Purpose of Case Study Writing

Since a case study is a broad concept that differs in terms of subject and focus, it is important to understand the purpose of case study. A case study is a research into a certain idea, phenomenon, concept, person, policy, company, or a group, which means that it designates a suitable research methodology. Case study writing typically involves research and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, which is usually obtained through experiments.

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The purpose of a case study is to gain valuable insights into the object of the study in order to broaden the understanding of the topic. This might include an investigation of certain characteristics typical for the object, especially when a case study is dedicated to a person or a company. The authors might focus on behavioral patterns or principles that shape the phenomena that are being investigated. Finally, a hypothesis-driven case study explores evidence retrieved from literature or during experiments.

There are different types of case study; the choice of a type depends on several factors, including its focus and purpose. While some case studies aim at proving a hypothesis, others provide more information on the topic. Academicians define three major types of case studies:

  • Key cases, which explore subjects the researchers choose because of personal interest.
  • Outlier cases, which focus on outstanding matters that are of particular interest to the general public.
  • Knowledge case studies, which researchers choose when they have enough information about the subject and want to investigate them.

How it works

In addition to three types, there are also four different forms which you should be familiar with if you would like to know how to write a case study:


Such case studies are mainly based on a description of a situation, concept, or event. They also propose a solution to a problem that arises. They are usually written in clear and plain language.


These provide information that will be used during further investigation. Consider using the assistance of professional case study writers if you experience some difficulties and when you are not sure which type and form of a case study will be the most suitable for your task.


Cumulative case studies present a summary of information retrieved from different sources over a certain period of time. This is the defining feature of such case studies as they allow other researchers to save time and resources by reading one cumulative case study on a topic instead of gleaning information from everywhere else.


This one is probably the most challenging for students because it is based on critical analysis. A researcher should be able to determine a cause-and-effect relationship between certain phenomena. The research usually involves more than one source of investigation and might have unique or no interest in generalizability. Finally, these case studies are a perfect choice if the purpose of the assignment is to question the status quo.

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