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A memorandum writing task is commonly assigned to students majoring in business and related disciplines. This assignment is also known as a memo, and it denotes a brief written or recorded message related to some business matters. This task differs from the majority of regular academic writing tasks, so if you are facing any troubles with it; feel free to rely on our custom writing agency for help. Just send us a message saying, ‘please write my memo’ and wait for a prompt reply from our customer support representatives. Many people would ask why a memo is used in business communication if there are emails. Emails have become popular, but memos are still used. They are meant for conveying some messages or ideas internally within the business environment. One of the advantages of memo writing is that it is fast, it can be conveyed quickly within a company, business, or department, and it can be used for prompt communication of a specific idea. You may also write memos for introducing some new ideas, informing on some policy, etc. When you have the necessary skills and knowledge to write memos, you will succeed in writing business letters, emails, and other types of writing.

Purposes of Memo Writing

Memos are used for quick communication with different people within a large company, corporation, or enterprise. They intend to convey some brief idea or message. Normally, some of the most widespread topics that are taken for memos relate to meeting schedules or changes in them, terms of the agreement, reminders of important events for teams, the introduction of new policies and additions to the existing ones, and changes in prices among others.

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How to Write My Memo in an Effective Way?

According to the popular beliefs and opinions of communication strategists, memos can be claimed effective when they are brief, succinct, properly organized, and delivered on time. Even though brief, they need to address the core issue and address any questions that the audience might have. Concise writing should be a guarantee that no irrelevant details are provided. Therefore, successful memos are never confusing.

Memo writing should have a professional tone of writing. Even though a memo is a brief type of writing, it should be written in a proper tone and style. Keep in mind the target audience – these are some business people who are working at the company. Since they hold different positions, the style of writing should be appropriate in order not to seem offensive or colloquial. Besides, it is important to control the content of memo writing, as no sensitive information should be included.

Another point worth considering when you want to write a successful memo is the format. Make sure the format is impeccable. Since a memo is brief, even minor flaws and errors could have a deteriorating effect on the overall impression of your writing. So, make sure you know the basics of the format and include all the necessary formal details, such as who the memo concerns, who are the target readers, who it was written, when the date of sending the memo was, and what the message was.

Pay attention to how the body of the memo is developed. Introduce a clear purpose of writing and make sure the subject line is brief and clear. Indicate what the target readers need to know and include any call for action (if the audience is expected to do something after receiving the message). Also, formulate the conclusion of what should be needed to do.

Regarding the format and mode of organization, keep in mind that some employees are too busy to read long text, so make the memo as brief and prompt as possible. Do not use long sentences and prefer bullet points and lists instead. Besides, such a format will help your target readers easily and quickly find the needed information if it is organized in short paragraphs and lists.

Remember to revise the memo before submission. Editing and proofreading are a must. Pay attention to any mistakes and errors. Apart from ordinary mistakes in grammar, structure, punctuation, and spelling, pay attention to such issues as repetitions, wrong word choice, missed words, and awkward wording. Should you have any difficulties with that, remember that you can address our memo writing service at any time and ask professionals to ‘write my memo for me.’

Writing Intention and Target Audience

It is essential to bear in mind what intention you have when you are considering writing a memo. Think of what message you want to pass across, what results you want to achieve, what goal you persevere, and so on. First, think of whether your memo will be convincing, argumentative, or informative. Are you just making some announcement or are you intending to convince recipients to take some action? Even though some students find this step so simple that they omit it sometimes, it is important, so make sure to identify the purpose of your memo before you send it out.

Who does your memo address? Are you writing a memo to your colleagues, to your CEO, to another office, to another department? Knowing who your memo concerns will help you organize it better and come up with proper vocabulary choices. Remember that you should choose vocabulary that will be clear and comprehensible to the recipients. Besides, the words and structures you use impact the overall tone of writing. If you find it difficult, do not struggle with the assignment – just go to our company’s website and hire a memo writer from us.

Memo Headings

As soon as you have identified the purpose of writing, the main message, and the target audience, it is time for you to come up with a proper heading for your memo. Remember that it should briefly convey the main idea. The heading should be used by the reader as an identifier of what the memo is about.

Check out what a layout of memo heading looks like:


When you compose the subject, try to convey the message in the fullest and clearest form while using as few words as possible. Just think of some example of a breaking news story and come up with a similar topic design.

Memo Body

Try to present the main text in a simple, clear, and brief form. The main idea or message should be concise. The target readers should quickly understand what message you are communicating. If you wonder, ‘How to write my memo in an engaging manner?’, you need to take into consideration a few aspects.

In the opening sentence, try to restate the subject of the memo in the form of a statement. This opening sentence plays a role similar to that in the thesis statement in essays and similar academic assignments. Make it clear what the memo is going to be. Delve into more details with each subsequent section or paragraph. Make sure one idea is presented in a single paragraph.

To ensure the proper readability of your memo, do not provide many sentences within one paragraph. Make it just a few lines long to make it clear and ensure white space.

If you wonder ‘how to write my memo’ so that it is read, make it as short as possible. Busy people are annoyed to read a lot of text. Therefore, not to make your readers frustrated, try to express your message in a few words and phrases. In any case, our memo writing service is there to help you convey the message succinctly.

Memos are usually less than one page in length. Of course, there may be some exceptions, but the memo should not exceed one page. If you have written too much, try to cut out any irrelevant information or any unnecessary details that would add up nothing but wordiness. You need to leave only those details that are essential for your target readers to understand the message.

Clarity of the memo, which is one of the essential requirements, should be also maintained when it comes to quickly state ideas. Clarity also relates to how distinctly you can address the ideas, how you can state them, whether you use transitions to ensure logical coherence, and so on. Our memo writing service can also help you decide what vocabulary and terms you have to use if you are addressing some specific technical department whatsoever.

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