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International financial environment is changing rapidly. It constantly requires an inflow of new talented minds. I am one of the most successful international students at Mays Business School by Texas A&M University and aim to become a recognized professional accountant in the future. For more than three years, my studies’ focus has been on accounting and related disciplines. Applying for the Professional Program in Accounting (PPA Program), I consider my strong academic and social background, distinguished personality and character traits, and my future career plans in the US.

Last year, I graduated as Bachelor in Business (Accounting) from the Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. I consider this education to be a strong starting point for my development as an accountant. At the college I have learned the basic principles of financial accounting such as duality, cost-revenues matching rule, accruals concept, prevalence of materiality, and others. Besides, I mastered handling the main reporting forms, as well as learned important ethical principles of the accountant profession.

In order to extend my knowledge of the accounting theory and underlying standards, I continued studies at Texas A&M University – Mays Business School. My choice of this school was primarily based upon the strong reputation of its Accounting Department, which was ranked number two among the US public programs and number ten globally by Financial Times in year 2010. Studying at Mays, I became proficient in wider areas of accounting theory and practice such as managerial accounting and audit. At the same time, I understood that obtaining further qualifications is vital for me to become a professional accountant. For this very reason, I have decided to apply for the PPA Program.

Building a Successful Career

Building a successful career in accounting highly depends on the personality of an individual. I believe that being an honest person is the most important attribute for an ethical accountant. Every situation in life, especially, in the workplace should be considered from the ethical point of view. I am committed to performing honestly and keeping my promises to other people in due time and extent. This attitude has been already rewarded me with the membership in the Financial Department at Chinese Student and Scholars Association (CSSA). I was entrusted with dealing with the Association’s financial affairs.

Moreover, I always try to be in the first line and actively participate in social life. Even at high school I was chosen the Vice-President of the Senior Math Club and went further to become one of ten best students of the school by the graduation time. I also have passion to study subjects which are interesting for me until I get extensive expertise in them and develop high professional competence. Learning mathematics to the extent that I was invited to join my high school’s specialized club, learning business finance so successfully that I became a member of the finance department at CSSA are only few examples of my willingness to devote myself to the studied area completely.

As far as I have decided to study accounting, I have obtained a membership at Accounting Association. This has allowed me to find out more about the best chances to get strong academic background in my sphere and plans for future employment opportunities.

While studying at colleges and participating in a range of associations, I have experienced some hardships which are often met by international students as well. The main weakness that I could notice in my everyday performance is a psychological barrier to communicate freely with other students and professors. When participating in a discussion, I worry too much about my grammar and pronunciation of the English language, which is not my native one. However, I devote enormous time and make every effort to improve my spoken English skills and overcome my inner fear of communication in a foreign language.

As an international student, I face hard competition with other students when I plan for my future career as an accountant. In order to prove that I am a worthy person and perspective specialist, I do my best to achieve excellent grades and knowledge.

This competition-oriented and realistic approach happens to be self-rewarding as I have already obtained the International Opportunity Scholarship and the Scholarship of Honor Student from Corpus Christi ollege. Along with the financial aid, these scholarship awards helped me to accumulate the strong motivation to study as hard as possible since I had to prove I had been the worthy candidate.

Still, it remains rather challenging to start a professional career in the US as I need to compete with American employees and graduates as well as international professionals in accounting. As I am strongly oriented to grow as an accountant in the American society, it is extremely important for me to enhance my chances of getting an internship and, later, a job in a local company. Therefore, my strategy is to get the best possible educational basement in my sphere.

Applying for the PPA Program

Applying for the PPA Program, I anticipate achieving solid knowledge of accounting provided by the program’s curriculum in order to get ready for the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) examination and to obtain an internship in an American company. This program will definitely improve my opportunities to become a recognized specialist in accounting sphere and realize my career plans. In my turn, I hope to develop into a valuable accountant and indispensable member of the American society.

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