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The apply Texas essays are the Texas version of the widely used common app essay that many colleges and universities in the USA apply. It is a unified university or college process of application that is accepted by almost all of the Texas public and private colleges and universities (Consider that: some educational institutions that accept the apply Texas essays are also able to accept the common app essay).

The apply Texas essays website is regarded as one of the best sources for finding out whether the college or university of your dream accepts the Texas college application essays.

The best way to clear out what your college or university expects is to visit its website and the category – Admission Process.

Why do Many Colleges and Universities Want Applicants to Write Common Application Essay?

The admission boards do all possible to arrange the classes considering interesting, sophisticated and fascinating students who have diverse backgrounds, weaknesses, strengths, dreams, and goals. One of the practical tools colleges and universities apply to identify a diverse and various set of future perspectives is college or university Texas essays.

Such types of essay allow each applicant to show the admission board all the sides of their personality that are not reflected other application papers. Each applicant can state his / her background information, beliefs, dreams, goals, expectations, values, emphasis, etc.  In these essays future students can make themselves sound insightful and mindful, which are two essential qualities that colleges and universities are searching for in every applicant. These features are of great importance as colleges and universities are very eager to find young and amazing youths who will thrive when they face the independence and brightness of college or university life.

Apply Texas Essay Prompts

In the following section, you will be able to find practical prompts concerning the apply Texas essay length, Texas essays structure, apply Texas essay word limit, as well as apply Texas essay topics.

An outstanding structure that could be applied to assist in completing Texas essays is the TEXAS format. It should be noted that this style is also used in the New Zealand qualifications system. It is also a good way to structure any essay. The majority of applicants do not know how to utilize it. In case you do not have the slightest ideas on the essay complication, the following article can assist you in catching up.

Formulate each argument. Consider that it is a great idea to plan the essay of yours. You are given a blank paper to do this at your exam. You can be marked up in case the examiner sees that you are following some kind of planning process. In case you have your considerations, complete a rough plan of your essay, specifying where you are going to present your arguments, as well as what vivid examples or pieces of evidence you will utilize to back it up. If you do not want to do this, you can commence working on the essay of yours.

The Introduction of the Essay. The following part of the work comprises a few lines that dwell on what your essay will be devoted to. The first line is to state the key problem that you are arguing or reflecting about. Some examples could be, “Young drivers are very irresponsible on the roads,” or “Adolf Hitler should have been executed by humankind.” You should stress what you are dwelling on this before you commence doing this in other parts of your research. You should always consider the following points:


  • Indicate your individual considerations or ideas. Take into account that you should avoid describing them. Simple indication of these ideas is great.
  • Avoid making your introductory part too long or too short. Try to stick to five lines structure, seven is an ideal number in this case For instance, the essay about the Overcrowded Roads Issues can be as follows: “Traffic road jams have become a problematic issue in many countries of the world. This problem occurs because the roads are overcrowded due to a great number of vehicles. Many governmental initiatives have been worked out and implemented in different countries in order to solve this issue, such as novel roads and routes, better traffic management, public transport means, etc. However, these are not the best and most remarkable solutions to the following problem.”
  • Consider how the first essay lines should attract the readers’ attention. Then you should go on elaborating, revealing the real issue you are dwelling on. Then you indicate the governmental initiatives (banter) and only then provide three essential points in order of their occurrence. The sentences in the paragraph should present your viewpoints. Your introduction should be very coherent, clear and eye-catching. The readers should be well aware of all your ideas and considerations. One of the commonest mistakes that students make in their essays is stating, “This essay talks about or dwells on.” Avoid making such an error and do your best to be creative and original.

The Main Body Essay Prompts. In this part of the essay, you should present your argumentation. This part of your essay should consist of about three paragraphs. Consider that if you would like to present more paragraphs, you could run out of priceless time. This is where UT Austin essay prompts really come into play. By the way, do you know what the TEXAS abbreviation stands for:

  • T implies Topic. In this section, you should dwell on what will be presented in the paragraph. It should clearly indicate what you are going to dwell on.
  • E implies Explanation. Here you should elaborate on the Topic chosen, providing your readers with more information on what it is. Keep in mind that one line will ok, but two lines are more beneficial for the grade.
  • X implies Example. This the part of your essay where your paragraph should come to the crunch. Here you should provide real examples or pieces of evidence. If you use any sources, you should reference them accordingly. If you are completing a formal writing, you should get away with an interpretation of the term ‘real’. Consider that the admission board usually judge each essay on the content of the quotes provided, but more on how you utilize them to back up each of your arguments.
  • A implies Analysis. It is evident that you should discuss how your pieces of evidence or examples back up each of your argument. Two lines will do here, the more you present how much you comprehend your example or evidence the better. For instance, you can start with such phrases, ‘This example shows that or how…” or “it is evident / obvious / apparent that…”
  • S implies Summary. In this case, you should repeat your Topic statement applying affirmative grammatical constructions. You can rearrange the words, for instance.
  • Put all of the above lines together and you will get a decent TEXAS paragraph. A paragraph devoted to proving overcrowding on the roads might sound as follows:

“Many roads in many countries worldwide are very overcrowded. Every person owns a car, and everyone utilize them. This has resulted in traffic jams and overcrowded streets. For instance, in 2006, the government of New Zealand reported on a 20% increase in traffic jams over the last 15 years, which is a result of too many vehicles on the roads. Not only the governments but also communities are concerned about the issue under study. Roads in different countries are very overcrowded, which can lead to many consequences.”

  • Consider that if you follow TEXAS, which is not an essential component of obtaining an Excellence grade, but it can help a lot. Try to avoid generalizations; you could write, “the majority of people own a vehicle…” instead of every person.

The Summary is pretty much the same as the introduction in that you should apply a loose code of structure. You should summarize your key points or arguments, mentioning some examples if necessary. You should finish your essay in such as way “Success implies winning. These two words can be used as synonyms. Anyway, why would you go in for sport if you did not try to get a victory? Who would like to lose rather than win? It is recommended to back up your points mentioned in your essay. Consider that the use of questions can help you to get extra grades, as the representatives of the admission boards adore such things. You can always use rhetorical questions as well to make you essay more generalized. Completing a TEXAS custom essay is not very complicated in case you are sure of how to do this. For instance, you are well aware of the apply Texas essay length. If you still have some questions concerning how long should apply Texas essays be, feel free to contact our experts who are always at your disposal.

UT Austin Essays Prompts

If you are dreaming to become a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin this year, we have prepared some useful common app essay tips.

The application essays that each applicant should complete have changed from preparing three essays (Topics A, B, and C) to one long essay, and three UT Austin short answer tasks.

In order to present Topic B, you should prepare one personal statement essay on your background.

Instructions that can be found in the written assignments:

These are the essay prompts utilized by the ApplyTexas, which is the ordinary application for all community and public colleges and universities in Texas. Complete all three as various colleges or universities prefer diverse ones. Once you have completed them, have these essays proofread either by a College & Career Advisors or your teacher of English.


– Each essay should be a MINIMUM of two pages double-spaced or one page single-spaced. – Font needs to be 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman is a must.

– The title is to be Essay A; Essay B; or Essay C. 

– In the top right of the header, indicate your first and last name.

Essay A: What type of environment were you brought up? Describe your members of the family, home, or community, and provide clear explanations how each of them has shaped or influenced you as an individual.

Essay B: Some students can have an original identity, an amazing interest, or an in-born talent or gift that defines them in a unique way. If you belong to such students, dwell on yourself.

Essay C: You have won a lottery – What will you do? What will happen to you?

For the three Texas short answers, you should dwell on your Career Plans, Leadership, and Academics. The length should be about a page, which is 300 words.

You can always read all novelties and useful prompts and tips on the ApplyTexas website. On this website, you can also find UT short answer examples.

Short Answer Example 1: Your Career Plans

What career would you like to choose? Why? Could you describe any activities you are engaged in, your life experiences and skills, or even classes that took that could help you in identifying your future profession.

Tips to take into account: You can describe your future professional and academic interests. You cannot yet be 100% aware of your choice, but is there a certain field that you consider you would like to work in, or a specific path you are eager to pursue after your graduation? How have your experiences, interests and skills impacted your choice of future majors or your career plans to study in college or university?

Short Answer Example 2: Your Academics

Do you consider that your academic records could provide a clear, accurate and original representation of you as a future college or university student? Give your reasons.

Tips to take into consideration: You can always refer to the Admission office to find out about the academic record of yours so that we are able to consider the following information when your application is reviewed. You can always discuss your class rank, academic work, course grades, GPA, test scores, or whatever you consider significant. You can also indicate how certain circumstances, your family, school or community environments had an influence on your performance in high school.

Short Answer Example 3: Your Leadership

What is the role of leadership in your life? Could you become a leader in our college or university?

Tips to take into account: Leadership can be presented by the positions you held as an officer in an organization or a club, but other leadership types are of great importance as well. Leaders are able to emerge in different situations and under various circumstances. Please provide a short description of leadership qualities that you possess. You can use demonstrations of leadership in your school, family, job, community, etc., and then indicate how you would like to demonstrate and apply leadership as a new member of our college or university community.

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