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Challenging or difficult situations can sometimes reveal the best or the worst characteristics in individuals depending on the way they choose to view the problem. The solution that a person comes up with when directly under pressure shows how mentally stable the individual is. When people are in control of their mental state, it is easier to take charge of negative situations and turn them around to their advantage. By having their emotions and mental state in check, control of their thoughts will prevent them from making any rushed decisions based on feelings.

This helps people make solid judgments based on the analysis of the situation. It also prevents any later regrets or resentments that would have surfaced from a bad decision made at the moment. Poor handling of a challenge always has drastic effects on the person, and sometimes others can feel its negative effects too. For example, in a family situation, if the breadwinner is facing a financial challenge and makes a bad decision in the process, other members are automatically affected. Therefore, by accepting that challenges are never permanent and whichever way the outcome of the decision will turn out, it can never define the person. Challenges are just a part of life that cannot be avoided but they can be handled through proper analysis. The mentality of playing the victim of circumstance once removed a more positive attitude and perception is established, which is the recommended way to tackle challenges. Through this type of approach, a person will always find a way to get an advantage out of every life situation regardless of its intensity. The misguided thought of perceiving challenges as a burden that we are better off without robs a person the true essence of life itself, the tears (Orwell, 2013).

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Sweat, failure, and urge to push harder to attain something are some of the things that give life its flavor. Without them, it simply gets stale and not worth experiencing at all. Overcoming daily riddles brings an overwhelming feeling of control over a person’s life. This brings great satisfaction, increases self-esteem, and results in more stable psychological wellness. By allowing others to influence decisions we make, the whole aspect of shaping our own destiny by our choices and actions is missed since we will not be entirely responsible for the outcome of these decisions made by a third party (Orwell, 2013).
Considering this point of view, we can expand the ideology by reviewing characters described in George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm” and in Lois Lowry’s “The Giver”. Current society and the ones described in the books tend to have a lot in common. By comparison, it has clearly shown that both have a habit of using weaker people in the society. In the case of boxer in the novel Napoleon, who was the current leader, used and got rid of him once he outlived his usefulness to him. Still in relation to the Gift, accepting of the job chosen for an individual is not open for consultation. The powerful people in society have all privileges. In the context of the current society, only the strongest survive, which tends to favor aggressive and entrepreneurial people who thrive on the weakness of others. Propaganda is widely used by politicians, and people of influence rule over others by intimidating the minority to agree with their decisions. It is clear in both cases as leaders in the book Napoleon and squealer tell lies against snowball convincing others that he was a traitor. This is an attribute shared and clearly displayed by politicians during elections time when they go to extremes to stay in power not considering whom they hurt in the process (Lowry, 2011).
The domineering aspect of human nature and behavior demonstrated by strong bonds that people forge daily is shown as boxer and clover characters in the novel. It is shown how they learn to communicate and help each other through sickness and their daily chores. By showing how clover prevents boxers from overworking and how he takes care of him through his sickness demonstrates the human aspect of friendship, communication, love, compassion, and bonds. This book simply shows the diverse nature of humans and the different ways people choose to react to challenges. Some wait for others to come up with solutions for them, while others take the initiative into their own hands. Moreover, this gives them control over their lives and places them in positions to influence others greatly. Whether they choose to use it positively or negatively is what decides their character. In both books, the main characters chose different ways to use their power and influence. In relation to real life, the way a person sees the problem manifests itself in the way they approach it: will they run away from it or stand and face it? They can get to learn something while overcoming difficulties (Lowry, 2011).
Through the book, the characters show more analytical aspects of life as they brainstorm and think about strategies of helping others to regain their memories, emotions, and color. It also looks at fake worlds people try to create for themselves as they try to avoid their challenges instead of facing them head-on. It also depicts the resilient part of human nature to never give up and still try to overcome challenges even if it looks impossible. In both books, the main characters had challenges that they had to overcome. Greed is clearly seen in both these environments as people entrusted with leadership turn from helping people to starting to advance their own ideas that benefit their own interests (Lowry, 2011).

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Since it is clear that no one is perfect, people will always find themselves in tough situations, which come with their own challenges. The best thing to do is not to look down at oneself but to move on. Knowing that there is always a solution should give people hope of knowing that the future is what matters and the past is gone. People must look ahead since this is the only valid option left. By taking this into mind, the right way to react to these new events will create harmony in the individual in both physical and financial terms. Otherwise, the lack of harmony would have resulted in fines and physical injuries due to wrong decisions made. The most common steps needed to analyze and sort challenges include identifying the cause of the problem first. By knowing the cause and analyzing possible available options it will be easier to choose the one that will be the easiest to carry out. It will also be easier to cope with problems by knowing repercussions and having a backup plan just in case the first one fails. Lastly, it is important to take full responsibility for the results. With these simple steps, any challenge faced will not cause any undue stress (Lowry, 2011).
By learning how to effectively adapt to different situations, most of the life challenges and issues can be resolved easily. Having and maintaining a positive outlook on issues tends to help in preventing most of the negative effects like stress, depression, and suicide. These effects are normally associated with life challenges. Although all aspects of life have challenges, the way one handles them determines his general and social well-being.

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