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This paper is written in response to two blogs, the Feminist blogs. One of them is a blog by Jill, entitled “Selfish Singles are Good for Society”. In this blog, Jill brings out her position on how she views the modern single woman. While the society expects that, at a certain age, a woman should settle down and bring up a family, Jill gives a contra opinion. According to her, just as men are allowed to pursue their careers, women should also be given the same opportunity. She argues that the modern single women have found a balance between work and family life. This is despite that most people may find the choices made by the single women being absurd.

Family Life

There has been a perception that the single ladies end up not getting married. Jill, however, reveals that they do get married, though at a later stage. These women, who marry at a later stage, tend to have more stable marriages with less divorce rates compared to those who get married earlier. They have been found to have stronger and healthier children who are well provided for. Jill uses these arguments to defend the case for the rising number of single ladies. They are also accused by the conservatives as being more rebellious and defiant. They also have a culture of valuing their personal happiness disregarding other things in life. However, according to Jill, these women just happen to have found a better balance between work and family life. They have realized that there is more to life than only job. More importantly, this young generation of single ladies have found out that they can enjoy life more by pursuing happiness. They do not intend to lock themselves in the family life, and end up losing the real meaning of life.

The position taken by Jill is a true reflector of what is happening in the world today. Inasmuch as someone would like to argue otherwise, the reality is that a majority of young women are postponing marriage until later in life. I am also of the same idea as Jill that women should be allowed to pursue their happiness in life. This should, however, be done within limits. The pursuance of one’s happiness should not be at the expense of others. I also agree that women should not always be exclusively the ones to bear the burden of raising a family. They should not always be the ones expected to make sacrifices. This is in contrary to what has been experienced over time. When there is a sacrifice to be made pertaining family life, women have always been on the receiving end. They are always expected to forego goals and interests for the family. This is aimed at pleasing their husbands.

This has greatly affected the careers of women. Majority of them are forced to abandon their careers so as to care for their families. This situation becomes pronounced when children are brought into the equation. Working women are forced to quit either employment or personal business to raise their children. Such state of events kills their goals and ambitions in life.


After reading this article, it is my belief that a time has come when the women-folk have to be given an equal opportunity with men. It is the time when men have got to shun their self-interests in order to ensure that women also achieve their ambitions. I think it is highly unfair for men to force their wives to leave their jobs while the men continue to work. Women should be allowed to exploit their potential to the best of their ability.

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