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It is extremely fascinating how most of artists communicate their message to their audience using some literary devices. In most cases, it is difficult for a person to use literal devices for producing a magnificent song. Also, the song without any literal device is exceedingly dull and does not appeal to the audience. Henceforth, one can say that the person who does not use any literal devices for producing music or other poetic work is not an artist. Additionally, artists are those people that tend to communicate their feelings or emotions to the audience about certain activities or objects in the society affecting them. The artist expresses a certain idea in the minds of his or her audience using the literal devices as a form of entertainment and brings the rhythmic harmony to the lyric. An excellent example of a good lyric is the song called Make Your Own Kind Of Music performed by Cass Mama Elliot (Mama). The artist has a certain general idea that she is trying to communicate to her audience. Additionally, she is trying to entertain her audience using different literal devices by creating the tone and rhythmic harmony in the song. Therefore, a clear analysis of the song Make Your Own Kind Of Music by Cass Mama Elliot is done starting with a general idea; then the literal devices are following. Finally, the emotions or conflicts of the artist are being expressed.

Discussion about Song

According to the song, Cass is trying to tell her audience to be unique in their ideas and not to duplicate other people’s ideas. Although it may be extremely difficult for the person not to duplicate another person’s ideas, Cass is urging people to be creative and come up with their ideas. The roots of the process of creating some fresh ideas may be difficult, but the fruits of a final product will certainly be sweet. In this case, Cass is trying to encourage people that they will endure a lot of prejudices and negative criticism from other people, but their tolerance will bring some remarkable rewards. This way, Cass is providing the audience with a feeling of encouragement to toil harder in their endeavors despite some stiff challenges they are going to face ahead in their endeavors. Moreover, the tone of the song is cheerful to show that Cass is trying to create the feeling of encouragement to the audience. This shows that in spite of all hardships the person might go through; there is always something to celebrate in the end. Another idea present in the song is that the person may feel that all is lost at his or her lowest moment, but there is always the light at the end of the tunnel. This is because enemies may want to bring someone down while friends are running away. However, there is always a ray of hope in the end of the journey.

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More Details

In order for Cass to drive these main agendas in the song, she is using certain literal devices to make the song more compelling and easier for the audience to understand. The first literal device in the song is simile. In this case, Cass is using the world to compare two things in the song. An excellent example is, ”Cause it hangs them up to see someone like you (Mama).“According to this statement, the word like is trying to sensitize the point that when one is making it by his or her, other people are feeling bad. Therefore, with the use of the simile in the statement, Cass is able to create more emphasis on how people are being jealous of someone’s success. This gives the person joy because he or she will succeed while the enemies are mourning the success. The other poetic device in the song is repetition. Similarly, repetition in the song is creating more emphasis on some ideas and emotions. For instance, ”The loneliest kind of lonely,“ and ”Sing your own special song (Mama).“ In these two examples, there is the repetition used. Cass is making a special emphasis to the audience that they are going to experience the greatest difficulties in their activities of working hard. In the second example, Cass is making an emphasis to the audience that they should stick to their own unique ideas. Finally, there is the use of themes in the song. Throughout the song, Cass is identifying several human behaviors creating the reality to her ideas. An excellent example is a theme of jealousy. Cass is using jealousy in the song where it states, ”Cause it hangs them up to see someone like you (Mama).“ This shows that people have much jealousy when the one is succeeding which is true in the real life.

This lyric has a certain identity. This is where the person is providing a piece of advice to the audience who might be afraid of trying new things or who is suffering from certain challenges. Therefore, the person is taking the direction of an advisor while the audience is being the person that is advised. However, it is crucial not to forget about the society. In the lyric, the society is referred to as they in order to show a plural form. According to the lyric, the person, Cass, seems to have already done it. According to the words and moods of the lyrics, it is like the persona is providing her biography. She is providing the advice like she has already had during all the experiences of being lonely. Now, she is enjoying the fruits, while others are hanging themselves. In another angle of visualizing the lyric, Cass is telling people of what she was going through before she has done this. This means that in the beginning she had undergone many challenges; but in the end she was able to manage and succeed. Therefore, it was not for the hardships and challenges that she had undergone before succeeding. She would not have produced this magnificent song. It is true to say that the persona has already undergone through different challenges of life, and now she is enjoying the fruits.

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I have decided to use this lyric because it contains some encouraging words in comparison to other songs. Currently, I am undergoing many challenges affecting my life negatively. Every time I am trying to work hard on something; the problems start to crop up making it difficult for me complete the task. However, the words of this lyric are showing that everything is possible. This means that all the challenges have the solution irrespectively of their nature. Additionally, the lyric has the way of changing a frowning face into a happy one. When listening to the mood and the tone of the song, I start becoming happy and feeling encouraged. In addition, the song is not too fast neither is it too slow. This makes the lyric more entertaining to listen. Moreover, the lyric is simple for people of all ages to understand. In this case, I have not only enjoyed the tune or beats but also the words. Another reason that has made me choose this song is that it had a nice message being not common and unlike many songs of love, violence, money or politics. It provides me with something that creates the value in my life. Finally, the main idea, which is unique, of the song was easily comprehended. I like being unique and performing the things in my own way or thinking outside the box.

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