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Personal Questions

Interviewer (I): Good morning. Thank you for agreeing to answer my questions. Tell me, please, what is your name?
Geriatric Individual (GI): Good morning. My name is Ana Paula Montero. I am 68 years old.
(I): Where were you born?
(GI): I was born in Havana, the capital of Cuba. This city is amazing, and I am happy that I have lived here.
(I): Where did you grow up?
(GI): I have lived in Havana since childhood. I spent my youth in this beautiful city. Its streets and parks are the most wonderful in the world for me. I adore sunny weather and friendly people who live in Havana.
(I): Who were your parents?
(GI): My father was a builder, and he worked hard to earn money. My mother was a housewife. She took care of her children and husband. Together with my two younger sisters, I was surrounded with love and happiness. My parents paid a great attention to our bringing up. They protected us from cruelty and showed only positive aspects of life.

(I): What are the brightest memories from your childhood?
(GI): My childhood was probably the most careless period of my life. I was an active child, and I was always playing in the backyard. Sometimes, I climbed a tree and admired beautiful landscapes. I remember our weekends. We would always spend them together.
(I): What do you remember about your school years?
(GI): Firstly, I did not like school. I had to wake up early, learn a lot of new information during classes, and do some home tasks. It was boring for me. My teacher told me that I was too lazy. Afterwards, I realized that school education was essential for my future, and I began studying harder. Surprisingly, I showed good results in learning Mathematics and History.
(I): Are you married?
(GI): Yes, I am. I got married at the age of twenty-five. My husband is a very cheerful person, and I love him as much as in youth. I am sure that my husband also loves me. He brings me flowers without any reason. He just wants me to smile and feel happy.
(I): How many children do you have?
(GI): We have a son. He looks like me, but his behavior is similar to his father’s. We try to give our son everything he wants.
(I): Where did your son study?

(GI): My son studied at Havana University. He chose his future profession by himself. My husband and I supported him.
(I): Does he have a family?
(GI): Yes, he has a wife and two daughters. We often spend free time together. My granddaughters bring much fun to me. They are very noisy. When I look at them, I recall my childhood.
(I): Is your son happy with his life?
(GI): Yes, he is. He loves his family and his job. I think it is enough to feel happy day by day.

Medical Questions

(I): How well do you feel is your medical health? How often do you visit the physician?
(GI): My medical health is not so bad considering my age, I suppose. Sometimes, I feel weakness, headache, and joint pain. I do not like visiting the physician, but I understand that it is necessary for me. That is why once a month my physician examines me.
(I): Is there anything that interferes with your medical health?
(GI): Since my childhood, I have been trying to lead a healthy lifestyle as my parents taught me. When I studied at school, I always took part in sport competitions. That is why keeping fit is a target of my life.
(I): How many medications do you take on a daily basis? What are they for? Do they result in xerostomia?
(GI): To provide my organism with needed substances, I take some vitamins. It brings me energy and helps prevent many diseases. I rarely have to take an anesthetic medicine, as I feel pain in my knees. But I do not think that I have any symptoms of xerostomia.
(I): Which factors that you participate in are those that promote your medical health?

(GI): My health care includes nutritious food, regular exercises, and adequate sleep. These stages are necessary for a good physical and mental health. My nutrition consists of eating much seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables. Every day I do exercises, and after that I go jogging with my husband. As he shares my views, it is not difficult for me to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle. We go to bed approximately at 10 PM, because good rest is also important for us. Good mood has a positive influence on the health. That is why my husband and I do everything that brings pleasure to us. I read detective stories, look after my granddaughters, and visit beauty salon. I take everything possible from my life.
(I): How well do you feel is your dental health? How often do you visit the dentist?
(GI): Talking about my dental health, I want to mention that the normal state of my teeth is on the first place for me. I visit dentist every six months, even when I do not feel any pain. I follow all the dentist’s advices.
(I): Which factors interfere with your dental health?
(GI): Of course, I have some habits that have a bad influence on my dental health. I cannot give up drinking coffee and eating a lot of sweets.
(I): What do you do to maintain your dental health?
(GI): I visit my dentist regularly. All his recommendations are important for me.
(I): Have you ever been told that you have an oral disease such as gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities, oral cancer?
(GI): Yes, I have. My dentist often treats me from cavities.
(I): Do you have any oral pains? Have you consulted a professional on this issue?
(GI): Yes, I sometimes feel pain in my gums. I told my dentist about it, and he prescribed me to rinse my mouth with special medicines.
(I): What does your dental care at home consist of?
(GI): I brush my teeth using only expansive toothpaste. I do not drink too hot or too cold beverages, because they can destroy tooth enamel. I drink green tea. My dentist persuades me that drinking it promotes fresh breath. To reduce harmful effects the sweets have on my teeth, I rinse my mouth after eating them. I rinse my mouth with ginger broth that I make myself.

(I): What services would you like to see provided at the dental office?
(GI): The dental offices offer many services, and I even cannot imagine what else they should provide. Every year dental services improve and achieve high level quality.
(I): Do you have any questions or concerns about your medical or dental health?
(GI): No, I do not. My dentist is a professional, and he satisfies all my requirements. I believe that he does everything possible for my dental health.
(I): Do you have medical insurance? Dental insurance? How do you pay for your health care?
(GI): I do not need to pay for the treatment as it is free in Cuba. Health care in Cuba is known to be one of the best in the world.
(I): Are you edentulous?
(GI): I have lost several teeth up to now.
(I): Do you wear an oral prosthesis? When did you obtain it? When did you last have it adjusted?
(GI): I wear an oral prosthesis. My dentist told that it is necessary for me to wear an oral prosthesis. I obtained it when I was sixty. Few days ago I had it adjusted.
(I): How do you maintain your prosthesis on a daily basis?
(GI): Every day I clean it carefully using special medicines intended for it. When I pull it out, I put it in some liquid. I try to avoid solid food to keep my prosthesis in a good condition. To fix it, I buy some cream. I often change the toothbrush because a lot of germs appear on it after long-term use.
(I): Do you have difficulties eating as a result of your teeth?
(GI): No, I do not. Luckily, I have an excellent oral prosthesis and I often forget that it is not my own teeth.

(I): Do you have any limitations to your daily activities?
(GI): No, I have an active lifestyle. I do everything I want without any limitations. I like traveling with my husband. My life is bright and full of positive emotions. It is connected with the constant movement. My rest and activities are balanced. This approach to life satisfies me and my husband.
(I): Thank you for the interview. I am grateful that you agree to answer the questions about your life. I wish you many years of healthy life.
(GI): Thank you. It was quite interesting to communicate with you.

An Impression after the Interview

Ana Paula Montero is a polite and a positive person. I am happy that I met her, as she is an extraordinary woman who at the age of sixty-eight she still leads an active lifestyle and takes care of her health.
It was a real pleasure to speak with this woman despite the age differences. I share her views on the health care. It is possible to improve one’s health following such rules as regular exercise, proper diet, and adequate sleep. Ana Paula Montero also visits the physician to prevent her body from diseases. Combining medical advice and her own views, this woman lives a fulfilling life.
Ana Paula Montero is sure that she has chosen a right way in her life. Leading a healthy lifestyle allows her to succeed in any business.

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