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In the past few years, Bon Bon Amusement Park has continued to suffer from poor public perceptions. From our investigations on the park through the employee surveys and interviews, observations, board meeting as well as analyzing of information, it appeared very clearly that the problems in perception exist due to poor team communication through the social media. Other issues affecting this park include poor health and safety issues.

It appears that the park has been experiencing a shortage of cleaners. However, the cleaning department has not presented this issue to the upper management since there is poor team communication. Poor park maintenance is also a major challenge in the park with much equipment non-operational. There are no repair parts acquired for the various recreation facilities. Security in the park has also been a major challenge with many people being robbed of their property. This has reduced the willingness as well as the motivation of visitors to the park forcing most to move to other parks where their security and well- being is catered.

Therefore, it is clear that Bon Bon Amusement Park requires improvement and this will only be possible through the involvement of team members.  The top management in the park requires to formulate policies that would ensure the park is restored to its initial spirit of performance. This will be done through proper teamwork and communication. Training of all the employees will also be necessary as well as improvement of its security. In this case, team communication will be focused in order  to improve the public perception of the park.

Team Communication

Team communication remains the backbone of every business. In this case, the park has experienced a decline in the number of clients visiting the place in the past 5 years. Therefore, improvement of team communication would play a huge role in reviving the performance of the park. In other words, the channels through which the workers communicate should be improved in order to enhance proper relay of information. The management should also listen to the employees’ needs in order to enhance proper communication. Moreover, it should  design proper strategies to improve the park. The equipment in the park should be improved through repairs as well as acquiring new and up to date facilities. Employee motivation should be initiated in the park through performance appraisals and recognition.

Problem Analysis and Recommendations

The team members need to communicate their problems to the supervisors to avoid misunderstandings in case of absenteeism. It came to our minds that the level of employee absenteeism in the park is also a major challenge that is pulling it behind the other parks. Most of the employees are not communicating to the supervisors the reasons for their absenteeism. This continues to lower the productivity of the park. Therefore, there is the need to keep records of employee attendance and every employee must sign against their names to approve their attendance. In addition, an employee should give a sound reason for not reporting to work on time or else not at all.

Team training can also be through training of employees to make sure that they have the required knowledge to perform their duties in order to meet the aims and objectives of Bon Bon Amusement Theme Park. Training of employees can be done through educational programs held twice every month. Awareness conferences can also be conducted to ensure that they have the proper skills and abilities. The employees should also be organized into groups during working hours to enhance teamwork. Through teamwork, they would be at a position to air their views and opinions to the management hence contribute to decision making. Moreover, through team communication, the employees are at a position to explore their strengths and weaknesses and assist each other towards task completion that is an advantage to the park.

The management should also pose questions to the employees concerning their views on the work places. Employees should also be free to state the various challenges they face in the park. Through team communication, the employees would be able to speak out the challenges they face to the management. In return, the management should communicate back the various strategies it will put in place in order to address the problems faced in the park. This can also be done through positioning of a suggestion box at strategic points in the park where the employees as well as the visitors can place their suggestions and comments.

Moreover, it is important to employ more staff members during the holiday season since most visitors visit the park at this particular time. The management should advertise any job openings to the public and ensure that it employs knowledgeable employees who are able to meet the goals and objectives of the park. The team members should be provided with proper orientation before embarking into the key business of the park. Supervision of all the departments is crucial to ensure that the teams are working for the improvement of the park. Lastly, the amount of work assigned to each team member should be considerate of his or her skills and abilities to complete it at the required time.

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