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Dear nursing students, we put our efforts into coming up with brilliant 120 nursing research topics in order to facilitate your searches and find the best one for your potentially successful scholarly investigation. Even if you are a striving student nurse, having decided to dedicate your life to this noble healthcare profession, it is quite a challenge to write meaningful essays, exploring the burning issues of the medical sphere. According to the latest queries, students even suffer from writer’s block when thinking about the most suitable nursing research paper topics. The importance of the nursing profession cannot be underestimated as it has been regarded as a virtuous vocation throughout different epochs. Not every individual is gifted to become a nurse as it requires patience, stress resistance, and unfeigned benevolence. However, even if you are endowed with these qualities, they may not help you to express the needed knowledge in the written works. It can be logically asserted that nurses should not be necessarily eloquent because their practical skills are much more significant than theoretical ones.

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Research Topics writing connoisseurs have studied the healthcare trends and exigencies, having generated good nursing research topics to make your studies even more ambitious and spirit-stirring!

Nursing Profession

  1. Emotional intelligence of modern nurses.
  2. Nursing profession human factor: how to prevent burnouts.
  3. Can graduate nurses provide proper spiritual care?
  4. The statistics of contracting infectious diseases at the workplace.
  5. Postwar period nurses and modern nurses: comparison essay.
  6. Medications nurses are not allowed to prescribe.
  7. The contradictory perception of nurses who were trained online.
  8. The reasons to make nursing communities stronger.
  9. Nurses who help homeless people. Issues they encounter.
  10. The positive influence of diversity. Trust your nurse despite her ethnicity.
  11. Can a nurse be a careerist? The ethical side of the altruistic profession.
  12. The underestimated role of nurses in developing countries.
  13. The lack of institutions for proficient registered nurses.
  14. Clinical nurses and their cooperation with patients.
  15. Working overtime: instances where it becomes a necessity.
  16. Nursing paradox: caring for others, not paying attention to your own health issues.
  17. Neonatal clinical nursing. Challenges to face when looking after the newborn.
  18. Ways to deal with lethal diseases. Ethical approaches.
  19. Can Artificial Intelligence replace human nurses in the future?
  20. How to avoid personal mental health deprivation when working with schizophrenic patients.

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Primary Health Care

  1. Countries that need radical primary health care plans.
  2. The benefits family physicians bring into our lives.
  3. Economic issues related to primary health care.
  4. Vaccination “battles”: why some people are against injections
  5. Health insurance in third-world countries
  6. The problems of childcare services in Eastern Europe.
  7. Can you find a country with the “perfect” healthcare system?
  8. Explore primary health care in your native country or home state. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages.
  9. Pharmaceutical issues. Countries where the majority of painkillers do not require a prescription.
  10. Nursing patterns in public health. The comparison between European and Asian standards.
  11. Why health care prejudices still exist.
  12. Nurses of alternative medicine. Views that do not adhere to primary health care.
  13. Things pharmacologists are responsible for.
  14. The drawbacks of urgent care.
  15. Symptoms that resemble common mental disorders, but cannot be fully explained.
  16. The frequency of panic attacks. Is it a specialization of primary health care?
  17. Why mental health private institutions are likely to provide better treatment.
  18. The ethics of collecting patients’ data.
  19. Immunization programs do not always work.
  20. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle to prevent typical diseases.

Mental Health Research Topics






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  1. Bipolar disorders detected in mental health nurses.
  2. How Internet dependence causes aggressive attitudes of adolescents.
  3.  Drug addiction as an indicator of mental diseases
  4. Treatment of dangerous patients at asylums.
  5. Ways to go through psychophysiological traumas.
  6. Looking after dementia patients. Seeking encouragement.
  7. Behaviorism knowledge is the ultimate key to cooperation with mentally unstable patients.
  8. Infrequently revealed things about Alzheimer’s disease.
  9. Nurses have to promote physical and mental exercises.
  10. The controversies of ageism. The discrepancies between younger and elder nurses.
  11. Advanced mental health nursing programs in the United Kingdom.
  12. Mental illnesses provoked by severe physical diseases.
  13. How to behave with people, who suffer from multiple personality disorders. Does a nurse have to study each probable identity of such a patient?
  14. Being responsible for a patient’s life: preventing suicidal inclinations.
  15. Should nurses be involved in art therapy?
  16. Instances when a nurse becomes a personal psychiatrist.
  17. Helping patients to overcome major depressive episodes.
  18. The dangers of maladaptive daydreaming.
  19. How many nurses should attend to patients with shared delusional disorders?
  20. Psychophysiological problems of pubescent children.

Midwifery Research Topics

  1. Instances when midwives perfectly replace female psychologists
  2. Ways to support a relinquishing mother.
  3. Favorable influence of classical and New Age music on lactation.
  4. The essence of all-inclusive midwifery care.
  5. Midwives in rural areas. Challenges to urban midwives do not face.
  6. Primary prenatal analysis controversies.
  7. Helping women to survive postnatal depression.
  8. Salary issues in the midwifery sector in the USA.
  9. The ability to provide the best prenatal care.
  10. The prospects for modern midwives.
  11. The burning issues regarding family planning in India.
  12. The nuances of baby care in your country.
  13. An investigation of women’s expectations related to delivery. Plans and reality.
  14. The rare cases of neonatal death. Midwife’s responsibility for the new life.
  15. The influence of female patients’ disorders on midwives’ mental health.
  16. The undiscussed dangers of Planned Cesarean Birth in Eastern Europe.
  17. The difficulty of breastfeeding in teenage mothers.
  18. Between the worlds of perception: superstitions about giving birth versus science.
  19. Midwife care of patients with AIDS. Displaying tolerance.
  20. Do adolescent mothers need a special attitude?

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Adult Nursing

  1. Better health scenarios for middle-aged men owing to technological progress in medicine.
  2. Nursing tactics regarding domestic violence victims.
  3. Emergency nursing. Handling serious road traffic accidents.
  4. The ethical attitude to patients with Down syndrome.
  5. Demonstrate effective examples of sepsis treatment methods.
  6. Nursing approaches adult patients who suffer from mental issues related to aging.
  7. Should a nurse be responsible for patients’ healthy diet?
  8. Cardiovascular disease prevention.
  9. Delving into people’s anxiety. Why it is essential for nurses to study all the related aspects.
  10. The roles of nurses in cryotherapy.
  11. The most complicated issues of end-of-life care.
  12. How many nurses experience hallucinations after working extra hours with difficult patients.
  13. The required pharmacological knowledge for nurses in the United States.
  14. Post-operation care in post-soviet countries.
  15. Helping stroke survivors cope with physiological changes.
  16. Ways to keep calm in the aggressive environment of prison wards.
  17. The required educational programs for striving adult nursing specialists.
  18. Alternative methods of bipolar disorder treatment.
  19. The interrelation between oncological diseases and severe depression. One of the most problematic nursing roles.
  20. The key rules of attitude to autistic patients.

Women’s Health

  1. Nursing skills in individual female health care.
  2. The complicated issues of mutual understanding between nurses and female patients who lost their child.
  3. Should nurses openly promote childbirth?
  4. Transcending the barrier of gender: male nurses in women’s healthcare.
  5. The influence of nurses on the choice of female fitness programs.
  6. Female substance abuse. Nursing strategies.
  7. Osteochondrosis prevention in women who work at a computer every day.
  8. Why nurses should not discuss sensitive issues with their patients.
  9. Nurse practitioner programs tailored to modern women’s lifestyles.
  10. Why nurses should be aware of mental disorders typical of women.
  11. Traditional and alternative ways to treat infertility.
  12. The modern attitude toward menopause made it easier to facilitate the main symptoms.
  13. High technology devoted to neonatal projects.
  14. A variety of ovarian disorders.
  15. Sleep deprivation in female service members.
  16. The unbiased attitude of heterosexual nurses to lesbian patients.
  17. The importance of annual examination for women.
  18. Psychophysiological factors that predetermine infertility.
  19. Handling eating disorders in women who work overtime.
  20. The positive effects of advanced courses in gynecology on general erudition of nurses.

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